The Noel Buxton Trust  Grant making since 1919


Grants are not made for the following purposes

  • academic research
  • advice centres
  • animals
  • the arts of any kind
  • buildings
  • conferences
  • counselling
  • development education in England
  • drug and alcohol work
  • the elderly
  • the environment
  • expeditions, exchanges, study tours, visits, anything involving fares
  • housing and homelessness
  • human rights
  • grants are not made to INDIVIDUALS for any purpose
  • anything medical or connected with illness or physical or mental disability
  • work in Northern Ireland
  • anywhere overseas (except Eastern Africa)
  • peace and disarmament
  • playgrounds
  • prizes
  • race relations
  • residential holidays
  • salaries
  • youth (except for the prevention of offending)
  • unemployment
  • vehicles
  • victims of crime
  • videos & IT

If we are unable to help you, please look at the Association of Charitable Foundations website, where you can find advice about making grant applications and information about other independent funders.

Registered Charity No: 220881