The Noel Buxton Trust  Grant making since 1919


About the Trust

The Noel Buxton Trust was established by Noel Edward Buxton (later the first Lord Noel Buxton) in 1919 to achieve social and economic progress in Britain and throughout the world. In setting up the Trust he was inspired by the example of his great grandfather Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton who played an important role in the Emancipation of Slaves and other social improvements. At the Trust’s first meeting in 1919 a grant was made to the Fight the Famine Council which under the leadership of Eglantyne Jebb and Dorethy Buxton became Save the Children Fund. The welfare of children and the needs of the family have continued to be strongly represented among the Trust's beneficiaries up to the present day.

For over eighty years the Trust has supported organisations promoting social change and improvement. Recent grants have funded the Family Rights Group, the Community Chaplaincy Association's work with ex-prisoners, and Excellent, which works with subsistence communities in Africa to support sustainable development.

Today Trustees are guided by the wisdom of the Founder, Noel Buxton, in requiring them "to make the Trust adapted to the state of the community". The Trustees believe that this can be done best by responding to the social changes that emerge over time and by giving to a limited range of important work of which they have knowledge and experience.

Registered Charity No: 220881