The Noel Buxton Trust  Grant making since 1919



Each area of funding has its own list of specific exclusions.

In addition to the specific exclusions, grants are not made for:

academic research

advice centres

animal charities including those running sanctuaries, rescue or adoption services 

the arts for their own sake



counselling for individuals

expeditions, exchanges, holidays, study tours, visits

housing and homelessness

human rights

HIV/AIDS programmes

grants are not made to INDIVIDUALS for any purpose

Northern Ireland

organisations set up primarily to treat medical conditions, physical disabilities or mental health issues



race relations

contribution to a specific salaried post

schools, including school infrastructure and teaching equipment


victims of crime (except those affected by domestic violence and victims involved with restorative justice projects)

videos & IT


This is a long and apparently hard-hearted list but the Trust has only a relatively small income and wishes to allocate it as effectively as possible. The Trustees believe that this can be done best by giving to a limited range of important work of which they have knowledge and experience. The Trustees’ policy is not to give haphazardly to many equally important and sympathetic causes about which they know little and can therefore not judge well, or to causes that need larger funding to achieve results.




Registered Charity Number:  220881